Savage Love: Size Peace

Portland Mercury 3/21 9:13A Dan Savage
She's ashamed of the way her body looks... is there any way to feel sexy again? by Dan Savage I’m a 41-year-old lesbian. Back when I was 26, I weighed 125 pounds and had a girlfriend. Sex with “Amy” was mind-blowing. Amy was exactly my type from...

Lap It Up, Sheeple

Portland Mercury 3/20 1:40P Anonymous
by Anonymous There is absolutely no evidence that the Covid virus came from the Wuhan Lab. This is total bullshit anti-Chinese propaganda.


Portland Mercury 3/20 12:55P Anonymous
by Anonymous I remember a few years ago, how disgusted many of us were at the idea of arresting a significant political personality at the behest of mob chants. LOCK THEM UP. They chanted wanting not justice, not the rule of law and democratic...

The Top 59 Events in Portland This Week: March 20-26, 2023

Portland Mercury 3/20 9:00A EverOut Staff
Queensr che, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and More Top Picks by EverOut Staff It's official:  Spring is finally here! To celebrate, head out for any number of fabulous events happening this week, from Queensrÿche to Unknown Mortal Orchestra and from...

Theater Review: The Value of Forbidden Fruit

Portland Mercury 3/20 8:00A Suzette Smith
A longstanding Midgard of Portland theater, Shaking the Tree makes both boundary-pushing and wonderfully relatable projects. We expect grand things, and the company consistently delivers. With "Forbidden Fruit," Shaking the Tree has raised the...

You Stupid MFs Can't Even Drive a 30mph Corner

Portland Mercury 3/19 3:50A Anonymous
by Anonymous The lady on the corner of SE 69th and Woodstock had not even finished fixing her house from the last time one of you morons drove into her home with your car before another one of you stupids drove into again! In the 3 years I've...

A Happy-Birthday Rose

Portland Mercury 3/17 1:09P Anonymous
by Anonymous The remarkable journey of life can never be dull or difficult as long as there are sublime vistas and surprises along the way. From your first happy welcome, to our sad, sudden parting, it's been impossible to ignore the unifying...
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