Color Theory Gym Car Beepers

Portland Mercury 5/29 7:22A Anonymous
by Anonymous As soon as I saw the dreaded color of the cult like gym started construction in my neighborhood, I knew my rent was going to go up. But anyway. I have to walk by the windows and every. fucking. time. I do if I even slightly hesitate,...

THE TRASH REPORT: Debt Ceiling, Toilets, and Bears, Oh My!

Portland Mercury 5/29 7:00A Elinor Jones
by Elinor Jones Good morning, Trash Pandas, and welcome to another Trash Report! It's me, Elinor Jones , ready to either hold your earrings or hold back your hair, depending on how the week goes....

That Time Again

Portland Mercury 5/28 5:30A Anonymous
by Anonymous Jean shorts.

Just do your best

Portland Mercury 5/27 9:12A Anonymous
by Anonymous Anonymous, I'm reaching out because I'm increasingly concerned about someone we both know. It seems they may be involved in a highly controlling group or manipulative community. It's important for us to offer support and...

A Rode Too Far

Portland Mercury 5/27 7:01A Anonymous
by Anonymous I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and yeah I get it. Sexy Beast. It just always reminds me of the people that don't get to have this , Especially today, as I am above and beyond. Sexy. Sometimes you just have to stare...

Please Mister Postman

Portland Mercury 5/26 2:00P Anonymous
by Anonymous In the perilous realm of modern media, the erosion of journalistic objectivity threatens the very essence of our profession. As PR agencies, celebrity connections, and personal biases wield their corrupting influence, truth and...

Kickstand Announces Comedy in the Park 2023, New Brick and Mortar Location

Portland Mercury 5/26 10:30A Suzette Smith
The Portland comedy nonprofit hopes to parlay love for their free weekly park events into fundraising a permanent indoor space for the fall. by Suzette Smith It's fucking beautiful out today—would be a good day to have Comedy in the Park, right? ...

This Week In Portland Food News

Portland Mercury 5/26 8:14A EverOut Staff
Taquitos, Pancakes, and Spritzes by EverOut Staff Go ahead, let out an exhale: There's only a handful of hours between you and Memorial Day weekend. If you're staying in town and want to luxuriate in some edible delights, read on for some of the...

50 Things to Do in Portland

News & City Life - Portland Monthly 5/26 7:30A Matthew Trueherz
From markets to movie houses to museums, here's your expert list of the absolute best things to do in this city.
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