The Top 36 Events in Portland This Week: July 22–28, 2024

Portland Mercury 7/22 8:00A EverOut Staff
Project Pabst, Pearl District Beer and Arts Fest, and More by EverOut Staff How's everyone's  brat summer ? If you only have a rough idea of what you're doing this week, let us help you fine tune your schedule. We're suggesting top-tier events...

Portland Emergency Dispatch System Impacted by Global IT Outage

Portland Mercury 7/19 7:49A Courtney Vaughn
City says 911 is taking calls manually, as other businesses and a local hospital report disruptions from the massive software outage by Courtney Vaughn Dispatchers at Portland’s Bureau of Emergency Communications had to switch to taking calls...

Here's Who's Running for Portland City Council in 2024

Portland Mercury 7/18 9:45A Courtney Vaughn
As the city gears up for a new government structure and a 12-person council, candidates are in the thick of campaign season for a pivotal November election. by Courtney Vaughn Come November, Portlanders will be asked to choose among a crowded...

Meet the Portland City Council Candidates: District 1

Portland Mercury 7/18 9:11A Taylor Griggs
These candidates are running in the district encompassing East Portland. by Taylor Griggs Updated: July 18 This page will be updated as new candidates file for election. Thanks to a charter reform...

You call that a government?

Portland Mercury 7/18 6:56A Anonymous
by Anonymous I come from the future where we buried capital and colony, and secured enduring peace and plenty through eternal revolution. It boggles my mind that not only are such atrocities as poverty wantonly inflicted, but the way-of-things in...

POP QUIZ PDX: Swimming with the STARS! ??

Portland Mercury 7/18 6:53A Wm. Steven Humphrey
See how well YOU score on this week's local news & entertainment trivia quiz! by Wm. Steven Humphrey WHAT'S UP, SMART STUFF? It's time once again to put your brainy-brain to the test with this week's...
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