Portland Mercury 9/24 11:18A Anonymous
by Anonymous I don't trust you if you aren't reading something, listening to music, or the pathetic looking at your phone. If all you're doing is staring into space, or looking and judging others, you call that thinking, but what you're going to...

Another COP out

Portland Mercury 9/23 7:57P Anonymous
by Anonymous All the talk about new traffic cameras. Question…are the police going to do their job and enforce the law on all the cars with no plates or identification? Without doing that it really means nothing and the new police cruisers new...

Changing Clocks... Again?

Portland Mercury 9/22 11:18A Anonymous
by Anonymous WHY—OH WHY do we have to change our clocks two times a year? It is BAD for our physical health and BAD for our mental health. Why can't our governments agree on something so simple as to resolve this silly clock changing twice a year....

With That Being Said,

Portland Mercury 9/22 11:12A Anonymous
by Anonymous I DO believe that gummy worms are a UN plot to get us used to eating worms and larvae.

Expanding Their Carbon Footprint

Portland Mercury 9/22 6:32A Anonymous
by Anonymous In an unexpected move, PacifiCorp executives recently announced an ambitious plan to expand the company’s carbon footprint. Their plan hinges on a tried and true strategy of putting roughly 1,200 cars back on the road in Oregon three...
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